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Hi, pleasure to meet you! My name is Or Avraham, 25 years old from Ramat Gan.
Currently, I am doing my bachelor’s degree in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, at textile design department.

I’ve got a huge passion for art, design, materials, textile, and fashion. My inspiration derives from my daily routine, the periods which I am going through, my home, family and all of the people in my life.

I feel very much connected to my roots, my grandparents’ past and their journey to Israel, where they have immigrated to – which can be significantly seen in my work that deals with themes like equality, Israeli “melting pot”, the split in Israeli society, the holy bible, status of women, etc.

As an artist and a designer, I feel that I have the privilege to give rise to themes and ideas, create an open discussion, and to creatively express my opinion and thoughts regarding many conflicts  

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