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Lucky talisman

A project made in association with Kornit Digital, as part of fashion week 2021. 
Fabric and cloth design are made from scratch. Handmade textile, using Photoshop and Illustrator. The figures on which I have designed the fabric, were programmed using illustrator – the outcome is literally a large, 13 meters long silk made canvas. Kornit utilize economical technologies, which allow minimal waste of material for the printing process. 


The project deals with the alleged “mind reading experience” which all of us occasionally undergo. One is surely familiar with the feeling of being constantly observed and listened to by the social media – speaking, searching and even thinking of anything are surely enough for the upcoming flood of various ads. At any moment, our privacy is denied without our consent. 


The kimono is a traditional Japanese cloth, and it has a vast cultural history. The choice of kimono is inspired by the Talisman – a mascot which was associated with the kimono that repels the ”Evil Eye”.  


The bare openings and the wrinkles of T shirts expose the body – corresponding to our theme of the lack of privacy. 


A large, long kimono, with plentiful slits that are lifted up by laces (as in T shirts) – the kimono reveals and hides the bare body with every movement. The imprinted textile is arranged upwards in a flowing manner. Most of the weight is concentrated at the bottom. Both sides differ from each other (one is more ventilated). The inner lining is more delicate than the external surface.  


Final plate –  

We chose a colorful, “sweet” and attractive piece. The colorful feature is intentionally misleading – on one hand, the “happy” colors, on the second hand – some may experience a repulsion from the collision of colors. With this intense color feature, we try to emphasize our theme – the advertisement is beautifully wrapped, and served on top of a golden plate to us, while in the other hand – the very understanding that we are being followed is disturbing and repelling.


I have collaborated with Alona Hazaz, Fashion student.

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