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Ben Gurion recovery lub

A collaboration of three students, done as a special request from “Ben Gurion House” in Tel Aviv. The work includes the redesign and remastering of curtains from the original residence of the first prime minister, David Ben Gurion. The work was done according to the costumer’s requirements – color of the walls, the original room design, apt curtain size, testing of colors upon the fabric, adjustments according to costumer’s opinion, consistency with the original design of the curtains – while considering our own style and interpretation. We have conducted an interesting research in the house – we discovered that the font and signatures which he used in his letters vary according to the purpose of the letter – whether they were formal or personal. The font in his personal letters seems to be more round, delicate, punctuated and signed with a warm signature; whereas the formal and political letters seem to be written in haste, thus the font was sharp and unpunctuated, and they were signed in a formal and fierce manner.  


I have chosen to use a letter which I was inspired by, and to integrate it with the design. The font and punctuation have created a sensation of texture. 

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